PROPAGANDA Ltd. is the Swiss market leader in the area of ambient media, BTL, out-of-home and guerrilla marketing and has specialized in advertising for foreigners and people with a migration background 16 years ago. Our network of target locations extends all over Switzerland. Individually and precisely, we advertise in every region and places you wish – local, regional or national.


  • Ethno advertising

    Target groups separated by ethnicity

  • Ethno marketing

    Your ad in up to 30 languages

  • Special advertising formats

    Attract with special advertising media

  • Out-of-Home and BTL

    Instead of wasting budget

  • Ambient Media

    Advertising within your target group

  • Guerrilla Marketing

    Fresh, striking and surprising

  • Campus Ad

    Advertising in universities and schools

  • Gastro Advertising

    Marketing in bars, cafes and restaurants

  • Promotion and sampling

    Direct contact to your customer

  • Distribution

    Wherever and whenever you like

  • Flyer and cards-for-free

    Targeted, fast and without loss

  • Billposting

    Prominent placements, indoor and outdoor

  • Printing

    Fast, reliable and economic