• Ethno marketing

    Speak the language of your target group

  • Ethno advertising

    Reach Swiss with migration background and foreigners

  • Diversity marketing

    Address ethnic minorities in a targeted way

  • Advertising for Secondos

    Reach children of immigrants

  • Advertise to foreigners

    Matched to your language group and desired region

  • Foreign population as a target group?

    With targeted advertising to success

  • Minimize loss, maximize advertising

    With direct marketing and ambient media to the desired ethnic group


In Switzerland, there are over two million foreigners, which is 26% of the permanent population. In addition, a larger number of immigrants have now acquired Swiss citizenship. And if Swiss with immigration background and foreigners are added up, they comprise more than 36% of the permanent living population of Switzerland and this mixed population is growing steadily. That is why ethnoadvertising is so interesting. With ethno marketing you reach over a third of the Swiss population targeted to your audience in a very efficient and nice way.

Advertising media

We reach people with an immigration background, recently immigrated alike, as well as foreigners and secondos who have lived here for a long time, with advertising in their mother tongue.
This way, your advertising addresses the target group in a very personal way and is received positively. This enables you to get in direct contact with the target group and to realise a successful advertising campaign.


Ethnical advertising is also so exciting and successful, because you reach certain people with direct marketing and ambient media with very little scatter loss. Numerous customers from various industries have been able to successfully present their products and services to selected language groups in recent years.
High registration rates, positive responses and increased sales numbers prove the effectiveness of ethno-marketing.

Target Groups

Advertising and marketing for selected target groups has a long tradition with us.
We know all the possibilities to reach different ethnic groups without loss. Place your advertisement where people with foreign origin work, learn, go shopping, eat, party and spend their leisure time.
We advise you competently and implement your advertising campaign exactly where the target group is staying and moving. We know where and when to advertise to reach the best results.

We will be glad to advise you how your target group can be effectively reached.

Advertising options in times of the Corona virus

Pizza Couriers and Food Deliveries

  • Packaging (e.g. pizza boxes, food boxes)
  • Supplement of flyers
  • Distribution of small give-aways


  • Printed napkins and cups
  • Supplement of flyers
  • Distribution of small give-aways

Mailbox advertising

  • In addition, we will continue to equip all letterboxes throughout Switzerland with your advertising
  • Straight to the people at home

Message during COVID-19

We are always pleased to advise you:

Please call us at: +41 44 404 20 20
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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we work part-time from our home offices.
We are easily reachable daily at least from 09:00 to 13:00 and via e-mail at any time.

We thank you for your understanding and hope for an early return to normality.

We wish you and your relatives all the best!

Kind regards


Coronavirus – Measures of PROPAGANDA Ltd

Dear customers, valued business partners

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to inform you as follows:

– As usual, we are available for your inquiries and for consultation.
– In the coming weeks, we will be advising you mainly from our home office.
– You can reach us by phone between 9:00 and 13:00 under +41 44 404 20 20, as well as at any time by email.
– For advertising opportunities during the crisis, please visit Gastrowerbung.ch.
– We continue to fill all letterboxes throughout Switzerland with your advertising.

We thank you for your understanding and hope for an early return to normality.
We wish you all the best and good health!