Ethno advertising is perceived by your target group very personally and intensively. With ethnical marketing, ambient media and direct marketing we enable you to contact the target group in a direct and efficient way.
Your advertising is placed at the best-frequented and eye-catching spots in all relevant meeting places of people with foreign origin.

Thanks to the high recognition value of our optimally placed advertising media, you are assured a striking visibility with your poster, flyer or brochure. Furthermore, through the targeted campaign and the direct contact with the target group, we can considerably exceed the effectiveness of the advertising message compared to large and expensive poster campaigns (F12 or F200).

Our services include:

Advice on advertising media and their combination
Set the target group and target region according to your requirements
Research and selection of locations
Planning and coordination
Production of advertising media
Transport, logistics and target group-oriented distribution
Implementation of the advertising campaign
Generate long-lasting contact with your target group
Controlling and reporting