The following BTL and OOH advertising media can be combined to an effective advertising mix

Indoor and outdoor billposting
Distribution of flyers, cards-for-free, leaflets and magazines
Placement of dispensers, tabletops or bar displays
Gastro advertisement on placemats, coasters and napkins
Promotions and samplings
Advertising in mobile toilets on construction sites

These advertising media are placed very selectively in suitable locations in all relevant meeting places of the different ethnic groups. Advertise exactly where your target audience spends time. This prevents unnecessary scatter loss.

Your campaign lasts two, three or four weeks, depending on your needs, and can also take place in several flights.

The following advertising media can be booked additionally:

Ads in foreign-language journals and magazines
Digital advertising banners on relevant ethnic internet portals
Advertising on ethnic TV stations with Swiss advertising windows
Advertising in hospitals and nursing homes
Advertising in selected schools and universities
Advertising in travel buses, trains and airplanes
Advertising on ethnic parties, concerts and festivals

Multiply the impact of your advertising campaign by combining different advertising media. In this way, your campaign receives the desired attention from the target group and thus becomes a success.